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Leadership Consulting & Career Advancement

Rhonda Joy McLean

“I am a change agent, able to lead many people across a multitude of differences to accomplish extraordinary things.” 

Rhonda Joy McLean is an experienced attorney, published author, management executive, leadership consultant, noted motivational speaker, a former college professor and a classically trained musician.


In addition to her legal career and board service in the public and private sectors, she has developed leadership development programs for organizations and career advancement strategies for individuals.  Her energy and intellect are catalytic and dynamic.


about Rhonda

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Rhonda Joy McLean is President and CEO of RJMLEADS LLC, a leadership consulting and career advancement company based in New York City. She is the former Deputy General Counsel of Time Inc., a global media company, where she managed one-third of the law department and provided legal counsel to over 200 clients for nearly 20 years, including Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated, People, Essence and other global brands. Her client roster includes international law firms, other for-profit and nonprofit organizations and academic institutions, as well as senior executives at private and public companies worldwide.

A noted public speaker and executive empowerment coach, she is also the co-author of the popular book series “Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women,” co-authored with her longtime business partners Elaine Meryl Brown and Marsha Haygood. In addition, Attorney McLean is a contributing author to "Sacred Sistering: A Devotional for Women of Color Leaders in Ministry," published in February, 2022. Her books have taken her across the country to conduct leadership workshops, retreats and seminars, and her book tour continues.  In 2022 and 2023, "The Little Black Book of Success" was named as an essential resource for Black executives in the United States and Canada. Currently, Ms. McLean is working with her "LIttle Black Book of Success" co-authors on a sequel to explore the expanding and evolving landscape of leadership in the post-pandemic era. Ms. McLean was featured in "Late Boomers, Too!" by Jeri Bernstein, published in February, 2023.

Impacting and Empowering Leadership Development at All Levels

Services can be provided virtually or in person, as appropriate and available.



  • Skilled Facilitator/Convener for global and national conferences, organizational retreats, board strategic planning sessions, and more.


  • Keynote Addresses and Motivational Speeches for local, regional, national and international conference, conventions, commencements and more on an array of subjects, including “Be the Change!”  and “Take a Flying Leap into Life!



  • Customized Workshops and Presentations for boards, employee resource groups (ERG’s) and affiliate networks, graduate school, university, seminary and high school faculties and students, community leaders and organizations -in the private, public and academic sectors - on topics ranging from “Strategic Planning” to “Managing Conflict.



  • Carefully crafted Skill-Building Sessions for diverse audiences, based upon needs assessments and joint goal-setting on subjects ranging from “Performance Appraisals: How to Give them and How to Receive Them” to “Working Across Difference to Build Alliances.”



  • Curated Coaching Sessions for entry-level employees, mid-level managers and senior executives to refine the management of their career trajectories.




Ms. McLean's books were written to empower black women in today’s workforce, where they face unique challenges as they seek to launch and/or galvanize their careers. Often, performing as well as their colleagues is just not enough to win leadership positions even when they are well qualified. They also need a special brand of strength and confidence to rise above the double burdens of racism and sexism and fully leverage their networks and resources to achieve their career goals.


The leadership principles and strategies identified in her books are widely applicable and benefit anyone working to operate effectively within organizational infra-structures and rise to lead them.


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